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High Security Locks

High Security Locks

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Simplex 7000 LockSimplex 7000 Lock
E-Plex 5000 LockE-Plex 5000 Lock
E-plex 5200 LockE-plex 5200 Lock
Simplex 6218 LockSimplex 6218 Lock
Simplex 902-26D LockSimplex 902-26D LockAn old Girlfriend of mine used this very Lock to Lock me out when I misbehaved, To my Surprise there was never a Lock on the Dog House!


For the very best quality Lock and Safe products. With 23 years experience as a Locksmith as well as a Safe Specialist and High security Lock Technician we are uniquely Qualified to advise you on how to best secure your Home, Business or Auto. Starting with High security Locks like Medeco, Bi-Lock, Assa-Abloy. All have their own unique qualities and benefits. As for my Home or Business I use Bi-Lock with its' 12 pin dual side bar system it is Pick proof, Bump proof, Drill resistant and Gives you Key control, Only you or whoever you authorise can get duplicate keys made. We Specialise in "B" Rated or "Burglary rated Safes" and "BF" Rated or "Burglary and Fired rated Safes". We recommend Name brands such as Amsec, Gardall, Gunvault or Permavault. Whether it's a Pistol, Rifle, Media or Jewelry Safe you can find what you need here for the best price. You can put your Rolex in a Safe that you can depend on. Or that Diamond necklace you bought for your Wife would be better secured in a Burglary Rated Safe. We are here to advise you on making a good investment.
I personally own and recommend a Gunvault Pistol and Rifle Safe and for your Media and Jewelry I recommend an Amsec or Gardall Safe. These Safes are a sound investment. No price is too high for your Families Security and Safety.

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